PsymaTalk: Our Take on ASCO 2018 - Part 3

with Gordon Gochenauer, Oncology lead at Psyma USA

Gordon Gochenauer, shares his takeaways from ASCO 2018 in a podcast miniseries. (Episode 3)

In this 3rd episode of our post ASCO 2018 miniseries, Gordon Gochenauer shares his takeaways from a key trial of the PARP inhibitor, Lynparza (AstraZeneca), in prostate cancer.  PARP inhibitors have made headway in breast and ovarian cancer but may also lead a trend in prostate cancer toward the use of biomarkers for DNA damage repair deficiencies such as BRCA, CHEK2 and ATM mutations.  The PARP inhibitors, Lynparza, Rubraca (Clovis), Zejula (Tesaro and Janssen), and talazoparib (Pfizer) have pivotal Phase II or Phase III trial ongoing with the Phase III trials utilizing radiographic PFS as a surrogate endpoint. 


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