company Activities

Our 250 coworkers in 9 countries carry out more than 1,700 projects for over 400 regular clients – every year.

Our clients include large companies listed on the stock exchange, as well as privately owned mid-sized ones. These companies come from various branches, automobile industry to media and television, E-business, telecommunication & IT, financial services, energy, retail and FMCG to medical technology and healthcare.

We answer all questions, that your (“marketing”) heart desires. For that we are methodically open – coming from the psychologic-qualitative research arena, still today, we feel that we are specialists in “understanding and consulting”, even for quantitative projects, which today make up 50% of our turnover. The method of collecting data follows the research goal. Classic qualitative methods – group discussions, individual interviews – come into account, as well as the modern adaptations, like online communities or ethnographic approaches and the quantitative methodologies face-to-face, telephone, online panel or web interception. Social media monitoring is also part of our range.

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