In German mid-sized business, corporate responsibility is a living belief. Ever since its founding, a sustained social commitment has been a matter of personal importance at Psyma. Our responsibility does not cease to exist at our front door. Our corporate commitment covers our business activities (market), as well as the areas of ecology / environment, coworkers / workplace and corporation / community.

Psyma, with over 60 years of expertise and corporate activity, is one of the pioneer companies in German market research, and has always been corporately dedicated. This live responsibility has shaped our actions, day for day. 

  • Community



    • NHTC German Federal Hockey League and junior programs and BHC (Basler Hockey Club) Swiss Premier League Hockey
    • TV 1877 Lauf Team Handball Federation League


  • Environment

    • Photovoltaic complex with > 10 tons CO2 savings per year
    • Combined heat and power plant
    • Sustainable use of materials
  • Coworkers

    • Open Door Policy: Flat hierarchy and short paths
    • Flexible working hours and promotion of part-time employment
    • Flexible options for vacations and working hours
    • Numerous voluntary services (company pension plan, business trip and accident insurance, birth and marriage benefit, anniversary payments, paid special vacations)
    • Promotion of inclusion and integration
    • Accredited IHK internship company
    • Compensated student internship and student work placement,no "long-term interns" as a substitute for full-time positions
    • Psyma-Wiki as a worldwide exchange platform
    • Active support of local sports activities (e.g. company runs / District race)
    • Trusting and cordial cooperation with Works Council
  • Market

    • Active participation in the Board of Directors of the industry associations ADM and BVM
    • Sponsor member of "Initiative Markt- und Sozialforschung e.V.“
    • ESOMAR Founding Corporate Member
    • Fair dealings with suppliers and freelancers


Responsibility is a deliberate investment in our own competitive position and in a company, where futures generations will also have a chance. When we are talking about the contribution to the economy for a future oriented company, the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR for short) always comes to mind. Psyma is a member of the Initiative CSR Nürnberg to interface with other companies and be able to implant and implement CSR strategies.

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