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The Psyma Automotive Integrated Practice provides customized market research and consulting solutions for OEMs, suppliers, dealer networks and creative agencies, as well as for their partner industries including fuel and technology companies.

Psyma’s motto, “Passionate people. Creative solutions.”, is an essential component of our guiding principles - serving clients and providing actionable knowledge. Understanding the WHY beyond the WHAT is at the core of our spirit.

The Psyma Automotive Integrated Practice truly partners with clients to blend our profound industry knowledge with market savvy to translate raw data and perceptions into practical strategies. We equip our clients with automotive insights that can only come from seasoned professionals with global market acumen and on-the-ground researchers with local market know-how.

Psyma’s 50+ years of international research and consulting expertise encompasses 

  • 360° touch point analyses
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Brand architecture and brand consulting
  • Brand reputation management
  • Car clinics (e.g. design, performance, engineering, theme, features, ergonomics, etc.)
  • Early-buyer/rejecter research and user experience
  • New product and service concepts
  • E-Mobility
  • Communication research
  • POS research and dealer performance
  • Longitudinal research (e.g. online communities)
  • Advanced qualitative methodologies (e.g., ethnography, immersions, creative workshops, shadowing, etc.)
  • …and further automotive-related marketing topics.

Psyma’s passion for the automotive industry is palpable and constantly evolves through directional as well as highly strategic projects in 50 countries. Psyma’s expert team is poised to partner and deliver impact!

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