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Psyma’s capabilities blend industry expertise and digital savvy to understand users throughout the digital encounter: across platforms, across borders and across cultures. Clients can expect holistic analyses of their brand, business model, aesthetic, content and usability; along with actionable insights that afford the most appropriate methodologies and implementation strategies.

In-depth knowledge of how users interact with websites

  • 700+ face-to-face usability interviews within 3 years in 15 countries

Large benchmark database of users’ experience on websites

  • 1.8+ million individual interviews collected in the past 4 years
  • 3+ million verbatim comments, coded and analyzed
  • For 50+ brands & 15 countries

Extensive knowledge of a wide range of e-media

  • National & international websites
  • Dealership websites
  • Corporate websites
  • Extranet sites
  • Mobile sites
  • Social media offers
  • Online advertising

50+ years of experience in market research and consulting

  • Qualitative and quantitative methods include online market research communities, social media monitoring, eyetracking, individual depth interviews and interactive surveys
  • Consulting and tailored solutions along the life-cycle of your digital offers, from concept  and prototype testing to performance measurement
  • Knowledge of cultural differences based on projects in 40+ countries

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