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Psyma’s approach is characterized by extensive industry expertise and customized solutions drawing from all relevant research methods. At the core of Psyma’s research are the viewers, listeners and readers and their individual experiences, usage patterns, needs and expectations. With a creative and enthusiastic research team, Psyma Media Research offers a high level of specialization, commitment and competence.

 Psyma delivers specific recommendations: not only on content and conception of programs, products and services, but also on superior strategic aspects. Results and recommendations are communicated with empathy and charisma, in a clear and convincing manner.

The Psyma Difference – Profit from our experience

  • More than 650 qualitative tests for TV broadcasting stations in the past 10 years.

Research topics include

  • Trend and concept research
  • Format tests: pre-tests, status quo analyses, series checks
  • “On-air tests” live-reception: online and offline approaches
  • Presenter casting/Moderator research
  • Activation measurement/Real-time response
  • Brand image, brand core and positioning
  • Time slot and program schedule
  • Fundamental motivation and usage studies
  • Website evaluation
  • Cross-media research
  • Evaluation of TV advertisements and trailers

More than 50 years experience in market research & consulting

  • Single source for all methods with custom research approaches
  • Focus groups/Creative workshops/Mini-groups
  • In-depth-interviews (also pair interviews with two respondents)
  • Ethnographic research/Psyma EthnoWalk®
  • Online live chats and online communities
  • Expert evaluations
  • CAPI, Online Access Panel, CATI
  • Real-Time-Response-Measuring (also via mobile devices)

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