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Psyma’s financial services practice provides custom-tailored market research and consulting solutions to clients including banks, insurance companies, investment firms, payments providers, and some of the most well-known financial services brands in the world.

New market entrants and innovators coupled with disruptive transformations in the financial services industry present challenges and opportunities that require stakeholders to have superior advice, insights and information.

Psyma’s motto, “Passionate people. Creative solutions.”, is an essential component of our guiding principles - serving clients and providing actionable knowledge. Understanding the WHY beyond the WHAT is at the core of our spirit.

Our team of Psyma’s financial research experts truly partners with clients to blend our profound industry expertise with market savvy to translate raw data and perceptions in to practical strategies. Psyma guarantees industry-specific adherence to clearly defined uniform quality standards for the whole range of research topics and methodological formats.

Psyma’s 50+ years of research and consulting expertise encompass

  • Customer experience and loyalty
  • New product and service development
  • Marketing communications research
  • Advertising testing and diagnostics
  • Brand architecture and brand consulting
  • Brand reputation management
  • 360° touch point analyses
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • POS research and evaluations of bankers, advisors and insurance agents
  • Longitudinal research (e.g. online communities)
  • Advanced qualitative methodologies (e.g. ethnography, immersions, creative workshops, shadowing, etc.)
  • and further marketing topics related to the financial industry.

Psyma’s researchers have a proven track record of thousands of projects from retail banking to private wealth management.

Psyma’s expert team is poised to partner and deliver impact!

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