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The power of a brand can define market success. Effective brand management is crucial. Multichannel marketing and seemingly unlimited product proliferation are contributing to consumers’ sensory overload. Focused and clear brand values have never been more important.

Defining the right brand assets for selected target groups and to feed your score card with these key performance indicators (KPIs) require valid insight and actionable strategies. Psyma supports clients to reach these goals and increase the desirability of a brand.

  • Psyma Brand Profiler

    This is Psyma's systematic approach to define new brand architecture, measure the performance of existing brand values, detect influential brand values and monitor their development.

    Based on the Aaker concept (i.e., defining functional, emotional and self-expressive benefits) Psyma utilizes comprehensive qualitative research methods to examine brand identity. The generated assets are measured with a variety of quantitative techniques to select KPIs as drivers within the purchase funnel.

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    Psyma Brand Profiler, used in conjunction with a score card system, helps to optimize budget allocation.

  • Psyma Brand Lounge

    The Psyma Brand Lounge is an exclusive community where members can use various tools to communicate their feelings and attitudes about a certain brand.

    Design features include professional login management and screen design; forums to share thoughts and ideas; chats and online focus groups to encourage community involvement; and refined projective gamification techniques (collages, brand party, design of new products). Engaging user interfaces and smart application tools minimize the number of drop-outs. Members’ positive attitudes can be reinforced and deep insights achieved and amassed for evaluation.

  • Psyma Brand Lab

    The Psyma Brand Lab is a proven method to develop a new brand identity or to gain insights about the unconscious drivers of a brand. Workshops can range in duration from 3 hours to an entire weekend and may include a mix of average consumers, lead users and forerunners. In an attractive setting, experienced moderators employ proven creative techniques to motivate the respondents to overcome the barriers of rationalization and to change perspectives.

    Role-playing games, working with different materials and emotion clouds reveal the soul of your brand.

    A special kind of Psyma Brand Lab is Client-meets-Customer. Respondents share their ideas with marketing experts or product managers to further their knowledge about customers’ brand perceptions. Evaluation and prioritization of the collected brand assets can be the final part of a Brand Lab but are not a must.

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