New Online Methods in Qualitative Market Research

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Today’s consumer wants more than product or brand information. Through various social media, online interaction with companies and other users is now part of a purchase decision. Users want to exchange ideas with others and have their questions answered and their concerns addressed. The feeling of being actively involved and respected is the core of the Community Approach.

Interaction with test subjects in an online community can generate insights for a variety of different topics. New ideas, products and services can be developed and evaluated with focus on practical use and target group relevance.

  • Community Approach in Market Research

     The Community Approach utilizes various aspects of social media. A survey may use one or several qualitative online modules:

    • Diaries can reveal usage habits and decision making over a period of days or weeks
    • Forums allow users to share experiences and discuss given topics or ideas
    • Chat rooms and other group discussion can target topics of special interest identified from diary and forum content
    • Group work can help formulate or refine new ideas

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  • Advantages of the Community Approach

    • Interactive step-by-step insight process; long-term observation
    • Holistic and in-depth insights through a combination of different methods
    • Spontaneous assessments: chat, one-on-one questionnaires
    • Reflective input: forums, group discussions
    • Creative participation stimulated with various module gives insight into motivation
    • Available anytime for user convenience
  • Study Design

    • Motivation is key to a successful and creative community
    • Selection and recruitment of community participants by multi-step screening for creativity, honesty and enthusiasm
    • Recruitment strategies: online panel, offline test studios, existing client or industry data
  • Possible Topic Areas and Questions

    • Inspection of current offerings
    • Generation of ideas: new products, services, touchpoints, communications
    • Expectations and requirements for current and new media, e.g., Facebook
    • Evaluation of the impact of communications on company image and industry
  • The 10 golden Rules of Qualitative Online Market Research

    1. Cater to change and interaction
    2. Select respondents well
    3. Carefully consider incentive amounts
    4. Think the fieldwork through, it deals with motivation
    5. Communicate at eye level
    6. Consider the quantity of output
    7. Activate both sides of the brain
    8. Plan enough time for daily support
    9. Combine various methodologies
    10. Don’t invite too many participants

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