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User Generated Content is available in many forms – in forums, blogs or social online networks. Consumers share their opinions, discussions, problems, as well as their needs and preferences.

By analyzing these user-generated topics you can integrate feedback in your product development or marketing communication. Analysis shows the position of your brands compared to the competition – and the meaning of discussion topics.

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  • Advantages of the Psyma Online Radar

    Monitoring of topics can only be automatized up to a certain point – the topics are too complex, the cognitive effort is too high. Psyma supports you throughout the whole monitoring process. In doing so, we help:

    • identify relevant topics
    • categorize discussion topics
    • validate results obtained through Social Media and explore them
    • define recommendations


  • netlens

    Psyma uses the netlens tool to find the relevant input. This base offers the following advantages:

    • an extensive international base of sources including the reach of websites and users
    • a clear online dashboard with short loading times and customization possibilities
    • support and consulting on the tool functionality and suitable analyses


  • Areas of application

    • Continuous tracking and results-based analyses (e.g. for product launches, events or marketing campaigns)
    • Application fields: Brand, customer satisfaction, product development, communication
  • Psyma Online Radar – Benefit for You

    • Genuine, spontaneous opinions of (potential) clients
    • Immediately available
    • Large range of various topics and target groups
    • Doesn’t only deliver figures, but above all qualitative insights

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